What to do when there is an error when trying to trade with bot?

  1. Make sure your profile and inventory privacy is set to public.
  2. Make sure you have entered/added the correct trade URL on your NXTGame.com profile.
  3. It is possible that the Steam server is having problems, which the NXTGame.com administrators cannot control. Our only suggested solution is to wait for the problem to be resolved by Steam.

How to set my privacy settings to public?

  1. Log in to Steam.
  2. Go to your Steam profile.
  3. Click on Profile> Inventory > Trade Offers > Who can send me Trade Offers? > Copy Trade URL > Paste Trade URL on the space provided on your NXTGame.com profile page.

How to setup/add my trade URL?

  1. Login with your Steam account.
  2. Go to your Steam profile.
  3. Click on Profile> Inventory > Trade Offers > Who can send me Trade Offers? > Copy Trade URL > Paste Trade URL on the space provided on your NXTGame.com profile page.

What is Value?

Value is the approximate price of your potential winnings.

Example: If the potential reward value is 0.9 and the total value you placed is 3. As a result, the approximate potential value of your winning items will be 2.7 (0.9 * 3 = 2.7).

Why the total value of my winning is is less/more than the potential reward?

All items have different values. Therefore, the system will find an item with the closest value to the potential winning value, and the remaining value will either be given a small value item or none.

Example: If your total approximate value is 2.1, you may get 3 items with total value of 1.9(0.7 + 0.8 + 0.4).

Why the value of my items shows N/A?

It is possible that the item is new and it is not yet in our database.

All the items with N/A value will be served as 0 values.

Why does the reward rate change after I place items?

It is based on the total amount of items placed by all users. As long as users keep on placing items on each team for each match, the reward rate will keep on changing until 5 minutes before the game starts.

Potential reward value changes as users place items on different teams.

Potential reward value may also change even if the match has already begun. This is due to pricing updates of Steam. 

When does my item expire?

All items in the returns section has a duration of 60 days. If unclaimed within the said duration, NXTGame.com will reclaim all the items.

I traded my items with your bots to place on a game, but the game did not register and my items are gone. What do I do?

Check your Game History (“Profile”), to make sure the items are placed on the match involved, and then check your Steam armory to make sure you do not have the items. Also, check your trade history to see if the trade has pushed through. If you cannot find your items in your Steam armory and your items were not placed on a game at the same time, submit a support ticket with the screen shot of the trade history with our bot.

How do I avoid having unregistered item placement on games after trading with NXTGame.com bots?

Make sure that you complete your trade within the time allotted on the trade timer. There are instances where the Steam trade process requires email confirmation. Make sure that you also complete this confirmation within the given trade time.

Why is the returned item different from the initial item I placed?

Bots do not recognize items that are attached with name tags, description tags, stickers, sockets or gems from the one that are not, so you might get a different item from the one you initially placed. If in doubt, always check the items for such descriptions to avoid placing them on a game.

Why are some items not showing up to be placed on games?

  1. Only items that are of “Normal” quality can be placed on games. This excludes items with other qualities such as Genuine, Unusual, Exalted, Inscribed, Cursed, Auspicious etc. Inscribed immortal items can be placed on a game after removing the gems.
  2. Any newly released items that yet to have a Steam community price.
  3. Items with very high market price.
  4. Items with charges or items of very low community price.

Why am I getting the “Wait for 7 days to trade” message?

This is activated by Steam Guard when you login your account from a new device, or when you clear cache on your login devices which makes the system “think” that you are logging in from a new device. Running a cleaning program can also delete your browser cookies which result in this message. If this happens and you are still able to trade with friends via Steam, use Steam client to accept offer instead of using web browser.

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