How to play NXT Spin

Step 1: Deposit

Deposit an item with value equal or greater than $5.00 (For Dota 2 items) and $10.00 (For CS:GO items) using the "Deposit" Tab in your My Inventory Section.

Step 2: Get Credits

On the same section, use the "Items to Credits" Tab to convert items into credits. You may convert more than one item at the same time, and note that credit reductions will be applied to total convertible values of $5.00 - $9.99 (For Dota 2 items) and $10.00 - $19.99 (For CS:GO items).

Step 3: Select amount you wish to bet

Once you have credits, go back to the NXT Spin page and select the amount of credits (From 1 up to the maximum bet of 60,000 credits) you would like to place as a bet. You may press "Clear" to reset your tentative bet.

Step 4: Select a Color which you would like to bet on

After selecting the amount, Select a Color you would like to place a bet on. Choose either RED/BLACK to win 2 X your bet, or GREEN for 14 X your bet. You are allowed place 3 bets per roll.

Step 5: Wait for the Roll

When you're done placing a bet, simply sit back and wait for the Roll timer to expire and for the Wheel to Spin. Every time you win a bet, your winnings will automatically be added to your total credits.

Step 6: Withdraw your winnings

Use the Item Filter at the "Credits to Items" tab in your My Inventory Section to select prize items you wish to withdraw. As a requirement to unlock the Item Withdrawal feature, your account's all-time total credit bets for NXT Spin should at least be 30% of the total credits you acquired from converting items. (Note: Every item you convert to credits will increase the amount of credits needed to be placed before you can enable item withdrawal.)

As an additional rule regarding item withdrawal, we will not count simultaneous bets of red and black with equal amount: if you bet 10,000 credits on both red and black in one roll, this will not reduce the amount of credits needed to be placed for item withdrawal. However, if you placed your bet on both red and black with different amounts, we will count the difference: if you bet 10,000 credits on red and 6,000 credits on black in one roll, this will reduce the amount of credits needed to be placed for item withdrawal by 4,000.

If you haven't met the requirement of the needed credits to be placed, your Credits to Items tab will show you the exact amount that you need to enable item withdrawal. Also, you can only withdraw items with total $ values that are equivalent or less than the converted $ value of your available credits.

Step 7: Redeem the prizes you have withdrawn

After successful withdrawal, your prize items will be sent to your My Inventory returns section. Simply request for them, and accept the trade from our bot.

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